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On our store you can find a big selection of e-juice and coming soon you will have the option to mix you own with a selection of flavors and nicotine levels.

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During our store hours (3:00 pm to 11:00 pm, ET) the bottom corner will have an option to chat with us. It might take us a minute or two to answer but we will be live. Check it out.

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Quit Smoking

As the title says, everyday more people quit smoking using vapor alternative. We are a living example that vapor works and we are working hard to help others quit smoking. FDA is trying to regulate and ban e-cig so that people go back to regular smoke. If you are interested in helping prove to the FDA that this has help you join There you will find more information on the subject

Night Light Vapor


Soon we will have more shipping options. At this point we offer USPS 2-Day shipping on all orders. On orders of $50 or more shipping is FREE

Why 100% VG Flavors

E-juice is a combination of food flavoring, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and Nicotine if you want it with nicotine. The base of your liquid can be a mixture for example 50% VG and 50% PG. There are a couple or reason we choose VG over PG. First it is the only criticize ingredient on e-juice by researchers and professionals. Second VG is the ingredient that helps create bigger clouds (it is great for MODs). Third we have seen people that get allergic reactions from the excess of PG on their e-juice. With that been said, we believe that VG is a better base for our High Quality Premium E-Juice.
No don't misunderstand the idea. PG is the ingredient that gives you that throat heat sensation which is not bad if you are not allergic to it. All the E-Juice will contain some traces of PG because most of the Food Flavoring is diluted in PG so when you read our labels you will see it as part of the ingredients. However, we do not use it for the base of our liquids.
An example of a 10ml mix would be 2ml of Food Flavoring, 6ml of base, and 2ml of nicotine will result in a 20% nicotine juice. The base part is the one that gets split between PG and VG.
I hope this gives you an idea of how e-juice are made and how it works.

Tips for a longer E-Cig lifespan

We recommend:

1. CHARGING WITH A COMPUTER. If your unit only came with a usb charging adapter use a computer, laptop, xbox, or ps to charge it. DONOT USE A WALL ADAPTER THAT IS NOT DESIGN FOR THEM. For example an iPhone usb wall adapter has too much power and while it can work a couple of times it will end up damaging your battery.
2. CLEAN YOUR UNIT. Every time that you are going to charge your battery use a pice of paper to clean the top part of the battery to clear any excess of liquid that went to the top of the battery.
3. HAND TIGHT. If you tight your unit to hard it will break. There is no need for excess of force they close nice if you hand tight everything. This includes battery to charger, opening and closing the atomizer, and atomizer to battery.
4. DONOT USE ANY CHEMICALS. When cleaning your atomizer we recommend hot water. Do not use any chemical because if you don't clean it correctly you will inhale does chemicals when you use your unit.

We hope that this tips help.

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